G23: Rangers beat Indians, 4-2

Rob Bell returns, wearing a new uniform number, and also seems to be a much better pitcher than he was last year.
Rob looked really sharp tonight – curve ball was good, and was most definitely way better than the Rob Bell we had pitching for us last year. If he continues to pitch this way – then this will be a most welcome addition. I see that he’s going to get another start, which is good – hopefully he can string it together and stay.
Overall our pitching was very good again this game, only giving up two runs on six hits. That’s an ERA of 2.00 – which is Pedro Martinez territory – can’t argue with that! Van Poppel & Irabu both pitched shutout frames, and over the last 6 games, our pitching has looked like what it was supposed to look like if we had Zimmerman & Powell from the start of the season. This month has been maddening, but it looks like we may be starting to turn the corner finally.
Time will tell. :)