G22: Rangers lose to Cleveland 7-4

This is one of those games that annoyed me to lose. Mostly because I had it in my head that we SHOULD win this one. The Indians are struggling right now even more than we are, and we always seem to beat up on Chuck Finley – plus Doug Davis has pitched pretty well overall this season. That combination in my head told me that we should win this game.
We didn’t.
Davis struggled pretty good, and never seemed to get it going at all. We were down 4-1 after three (3-1 after 2), and never recovered. We had a few threats here and there, but it never seemed that we were in this game at all to me (I’m saying this writing the commentary on Monday for a Friday game). Davis gave up three home runs (never good), and we had none. Arod is stuck on 249 home runs for his career, I wonder if he’s thinking about 250 too much, although he did go 2-4 tonight. Gabe Kapler also went 2-4.
Overall a pretty “blah” game.