G21: Rangers win bizarre one over Toronto 11-9

I had gone to the first game of this series, and they lost. I had tickets to last night’s game, but couldn’t use ’em and gave ’em to a friend. They won. I figured that clinched it – they’d lose game 3. And after going down 6-0, I was pretty convinced of it.

This game can be called Mike Lamb’s (not so) Excellent Adventure!

Mike Lamb actually got booed in the game – although I think it was more of a byproduct of the Rangers season than Lamb’s performance in this game as such. I felt bad for him back there – he really never got it together with Burba – he should probably be learning this at AAA, but we don’t have much choice at the moment, unfortunately. My wife even got mad with the booing and stood up and screamed “Give the kid a break!” :)

What a game – Lamb’s passed ball, the three wild pitches allowing a bunch of runs to score, Lamb’s general ineffectiveness behind the plate (they also stole two or three bases on him), plus other fun like 5 pitchers in an inning, John Rocker (any time he’s there it’s nothing if not interesting), Todd Van Poppel’s trip off the front of the mound, and 5 consecutive hits capped with a home run as part of a 7 spot 5th inning.. Definitely a fun game to watch. Our offense finally woke up, let’s see if we can carry it over to the Cleveland series.We ended up winning a game we probably didn’t deserve to and won our second series of the year, and only the second time we’ve won two games in a row – but then when you’ve won only 7 anyway, that’s not all THAT surprising. A nice day out at the ballpark for the game, too. Was cloudy and a bit chilly, but afternoon baseball is always cool. I’m just lucky that I have a flexible job where I can go see these.