G19: Rangers lose to Jays, 2-1, drop to 5-14

I’m really getting tired of writing about losses. 14 of them already, and we’re 11 back. I didn’t think we could get off to a worse start than last year.
Big shakeup to the roster yesterday. Biggest problem is the Rocker situation. I was a Rocker fan, but his refusal to accept his minor league assignment and the subsequent allowing of him to come back without going down is a bad precedent. I really hope now he doesn’t do well, so we can just dump him. I was a Rocker fan, but not anymore. And speaking of that – Twisted Sister had decreed that Rocker is not to use the “I Wanna Rock” song as an intro to him. I wonder if the Rangers know that. Or Twisted Sister for that matter.
Anyway, as was said on the post game show, I didn’t think this lineup was the kind where we’d be tipping our hats to the other pitcher. What was it – 4 or 5 hits? 1 run? Yeesh. We need some offense back! Help!
A cute note – we now have more salary on the disabled list than a few teams do in total salary (Pirates, Expos, Twins, I think).