G16: Rangers win 2nd in a row, shut out M’s, 9-0

What a beautiful game. I admit going into this game, I was feeling distressed. After the slaughter we got from Seattle in the last series with them, the prospect of losing against them again (we could have conceivably been 11.5 games out after this series) didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence. Kenny Rogers, however – had a lot of confidence.
And a lot of pitches. He was brilliant, throwing a 5 hit shutout against the best hitting team in the AL, the Mariners. There were a few double plays turned behind him, and a big night from Raffy (1 HR, 4 RBI, 1 Double). In fact, Raffy got his 450th home run, as well as his 499th career double. In fact, Raffy leads all the majors with I believe 11 doubles this year.
Mike Young also jacked a home run, and had a good day. Mike Lamb had a double, and Arod had a couple of RBI’s too. A nice game, nice to see a big win. However, we have to take all three in Seattle, really. Two out of 3 would be nice, but all 3 would put us 5.5 games out when we get out of the AL West, which isn’t all that bad, really.