G14: Rangers lose 6-5, drop to 3-11

This was totally disheartening. I really was sad after this game, and I generally don’t get that swept up in my emotions (for real) – it is after all just a game. But I really was depressed after this game. Then I went and lost a game of baseball on my Xbox, too. :(
Anyway, Kevin Mench was the story of this game, after the good pitching performance by Doug Davis. It was amusing that Kevin Mench managed to trip over his own bat out of the batter’s box – I had never seen that in 25+ years of watching baseball. :)
When I got up in the morning, I saw that John Rocker had been sent down. He deserved it, but quite frankly, I wish he pitched better, as I enjoyed watching Rocker on the mound. I hope he gets it together (although he should have done that in spring training).