ST8: Rangers beat Blue Jays, 7-3

Game two of our SS DH was played to completion, and it ended with a Rangers win. It’s not on KRLD, so I listened to the Blue Jays feed through While it’s better than nothing, I have to find listening on the radio to non Rangers announcers doesn’t get me all excited about the game, tell you the truth. Normally during a work day, I can’t pay attention to the game because of what I’m doing. Today I could pay attention, and I was bored out of my skull listening to these guys.
Hideki Irabu did pitch three scoreless innings, and the runs we gave up appeared to be of the “bloop” kind. Overall, it reads like a very well pitched game, even though the line doesn’t show it. We had scattered offense, including a home run from a player I’ve never heard of before (Jason Botts).
Nice to get the win – anytime of the year!