ST6: Rangers beat Yankees, 8-5

A split squad sweep! And against the Yankees, too! :)
This game was not on the radio or on the internet like the other game today was, so I had to rely on refreshing a line score on the net as my only source of info. Anyway, the scores were going back and forth in a major see saw battle. At first, I saw the Rangers winning 2-0, and at the time, we had just beaten the Rays by the same score, so I had visions of winning both games today via shutouts.
However, that was not to be, as I saw the Yankees had pulled ahead 3-2, and then it went back and forth until the Rangers pulled ahead 6-5 in the 7th to stay. We tacked on a few extra against the Yankees, which was nice to see.
Overall, a great baseball day for me. A doubleheader (ss) sweep, one of the Yankees, and I got the 02 media guide today. Baseball overload – and even without a regular season game, too!