ST5: Rangers shut out Tampa Bay, 2-0

Got in to the office late today after swinging by the Ballpark to buy some artwork from their gallery, as well as picking up an authentic jersey for myself for the new season (didn’t get any specific player, put my own name on there, with the uniform number of 20 – for Mike Schmidt).
Anyway, when I got here, I saw the score was 2-0, and checked the MLB site, and fortunately, the Devil Rays radio folks were broadcasting the game, so I at least got to hear the last couple of innings, which seemed to really fly by in a hurry. The entire game took 2:06, but I suppose when there’s a total of 13 hits the entire game, with the Devil Rays getting only 4, games go fast.
Haven’t seen a box score again at the time I’m writing my summary, but I have to say, it doesn’t matter. No runs allowed by anyone pitching today, and that’s always good. Granted, it’s against the Rays, but as I recall, most of our A players went to play the Yankees today in the other split squad game. Much better pitching then we got yesterday, but I guess that’s the nature of spring training – even more wildness all over the place.