ST3: Rangers utterly destroy the Twins, 20-8

I don’t know what I’m irritated at more.. The fact that the Rangers game was on the radio and I missed it, or the fact that I missed it and they also won 20-8! I was busy doing house stuff yesterday, and totally forgot that the game was on until around 1:45 or so. Missed it completely, and at that point, I had company over, and didn’t really want to ignore them to listen to the game on the radio.
Still, in looking at the box score, our bats came alive in a way that they didn’t the last few days. We ripped Brad Radke to shreds, getting eight runs in the first (and there was also a 7 spot elsewhere in the game). If you want offense, just go check out the box score below – has all you’ll need to know.
Pitching wise, I’m not thrilled we gave up eight runs, either. Jay Powell had a perfect inning, and Todd Van Poppel & Rudy Seanez also had a scoreless frame, but everyone else (Irabu, Zimmerman, Miceli, Telford, & Cordero) gave up runs. Three were on a home run given up by Miceli, but I’m tired of giving up 8 runs in a game, even in an early spring training game. :)