ST27: Rangers beat Devil Rays again, 4-2

Started listening to this game over the MLB feed via the Devil Rays, but after a couple of innings, the feed cut out – I got nothing but silence. Bummer. Anyway, while I was listening, I have to say I was mostly bored with their announcing. It seems that I can’t really enjoy anyone except Harry Kalas in Philadelphia, or our guys here in Texas.
Doug Davis pitched well, going 6 innings, and giving up just one run on 5 hits, with 5K’s and 1BB. Good line. Our relief is doing well, too – Seanez continues to do well, I think he’ll stick. Juan Pena, who we just got in a trade gave up the other run – everyone else put up donuts (Cordero & Van Poppel).
Santiago Perez had the best day at the plate, going 3 for 4 and scoring two runs. Catalanotto was 2 for 4 as well. Looking good for opening day insofar as having a decent team put together. Just who that team will be is yet another story. :)