ST26: Rangers beat the Pirates, 11-2

This game was good and bad for Dave Burba. Good that he pitched pretty well, great that he had some batting going on with a home run and a single that he stretched into a double – but bad in that he appeared to pull a hamstring running out the double. He came out of the game shortly after that, and it was announced as being a “minor” hamstring – no one seemed too concerned, but whenever you hear the word “hamstring”, it’s never good, IMHO.
On the other side, it was all Rangers. The two runs Burba allowed early on were all that was allowed. We sent quite a few pitchers to the hill including Rocker (who appeared to be very good), and none of them allowed anything.
For our offense we had two home runs, including the aforementioned home run by pitcher Dave Burba, as well as another by Juan Gonzalez. The other runs we got came mostly in big clumps, with 3 in the second, and 5 in the 4th. Nice to see a big win after losing quite a few, and three in a row. We now need to string together a few heading into the regular season.
Next Friday – baseball returns to the Ballpark! I’ll be there Saturday afternoon; if anyone else is going, drop me an email, we might be able to say hi! :)