ST25: Texas loses to Pittsburgh, 5-4

Kenny Rogers has probably been our most dominating pitcher this pre-season. Yesterday was not his best outing. He didn’t pitch particularly bad, but he wasn’t exactly crisp either. He gave up 4 runs in five innings off of 10 hits.
On the flip side, we had a few home runs which were good to hear. Carl Everett & ARod both homered (on consecutive pitches) in the first – and Juan followed with one of his own in the third. That was it for our offense, though. Four runs on three home runs. The Pirates pitching was a bit better than ours – their starter (Josh Fogg) also gave up four runs the same as Rogers, but their pen gave up nothing for the final 4 innings. We gave up one – Colby Lewis pitched the final 4 innings himself.
After our big stretch of winning games in a row, we now have a pretty big stretch of not winning much at all. :(