ST22: Rangers beat Tampa Bay, 5-4

Got to listen to most of this game over the Internet via while I was at work, as they carried the Rays radio coverage. Was pretty funny to hear Eric Nadel there, as he was a “guest” on the Rays coverage, he talked mostly about Hank Blalock. I suspect Blalock will start at third, unless he completely falls apart the next two weeks. Question is, do we keep Mike Lamb? If we could trade Lamb and the guy we just got yesterday for Justin Duchscherer for a decent middle of the rotation guy (someone from Baltimore? They need a young third baseman), it could work. Anyway, back to this game..
Dave Burba sounded decent here. He wasn’t dominating (although it took less than 10 pitches his last inning of work), but he did have a good line. 6IP, 1ER, and only two hits. A good performance there. Rocker gave up a home run, and didn’t look all that good, but Powell & Miceli weren’t bad either. Overall, a good pitching day.
Was really nice to see us win in the bottom of the 9th with a HR by Gabe Kapler. I really hope we can find a way to make our outfield situation work, as I don’t want to lose Kapler. Speaking of that, Carl Everett played DH today in a major league game and went 1 for 4. I suspect he’ll be ready, but will be treated gingerly at the start. Can’t wait for the start of the season – less than two weeks now!