ST2: Rangers beat Reds 4-3

Well, today was a doubleheader, although the first game was officially counted as the “B game”, and wasn’t broadcast, or even covered hardly at all in the press. I see from the notes that the Rangers won that game, getting the first home run of the season by outfielder Kevin Mench. As I didn’t hear any of that game, I’m not going to comment on it (nor will I count B games in my standings – only offically recognized double headers).
Anyway, to the “A game”.. After yesterday’s shutdown offensively, I was wondering what would happen today, although Juan played today, and Pudge was supposed to, but didn’t, as his mother was sick, and he flew home to be with her. We had nine hits this game, all of them singles. The best days were by Herbert Perry, who DH’ed and had two singles in 2 AB and an RBI, as well as Mike Lamb who went 2-3, also with an RBI. The rest of the hits were scattered over 5 other players, one of which came from Hank Blalock.
In listening to Chan Ho Park pitch on the radio, it seemed like he pitched well, and ran out of gas quickly, but that’s not surprising, or of major concern the first game of spring training. Juan Moreno gave up a run in his inning of work, but that was it for giving up runs. We had 5 other pitchers, all pitching one inning, giving up nothing. It’s early, I know – but it’s always nice to see nice work out of the pitchers, whether it’s the second game of spring training, or the 162nd game of the season. Can never get enough of good pitching.
The loss went to former Ranger Mike Judd, now trying to catch on with the Reds. Speaking of former Rangers, Ruben Mateo has underwhelmed so far in the two pre-season games against the Rangers. Given that Rob Bell too has underwhelmed, it seems like a “fair” trade now. :)