ST18: Rangers lose to Philadelphia, 8-3

This game can be summed up by just pointing the finger at two players. Vincente Padilla & Hank Blalock. Padilla because he pitched quite well for the Phillies, and Blalock for providing our offense with a two run hr in the 5th (yeah, we scored one in the 9th, but it was really over by then).
I follow the Phils too, and I was aware of Padilla (he came over in the Curt Schilling trade), but he certainly sounded good on the radio. As I have the MLB Extra Innings package on DirecTV this year, I’ll probably get to see a few Phillies games. Anyway, he shut us down except for a monster home run by Blalock.
In listening to the game, I don’t recall us doing anything really bad to deserve 8 runs scored against us. However, I was driving around at the time and went in and out of several stores, so I did miss a few minutes here and there. Anyway, after the big run of the last week, I suppose a loss here and there isn’t too bad for the soul, eh? :)