ST1: And so it begins; Rangers lose 3-0 to Reds

My wife and I have bought our first house this past month, and due to that, I totally forgot about this game even being on the air until my wife reminded me last night! I’ve been really wrapped up with my house – the preseason game snuck up on me, and when I started listening to it today, it seemed kind of surreal. My mind is still stuck in early February. I’ve seen the news, I’ve done updates, yet it still feels like Spring Training is two or three weeks away. :)
The Rangers pitching seemed pretty decently, especially from Ismael Valdes & Jeff Zimmerman. Rudy Seanez & Jay Powell didn’t seem all that sharp, and given the amount of time available to the glut of pitchers, one has to wonder if some of the fringe guys like Seanez will get many chances to redeem after an “eh” outing.
However, the Reds pitching (all 7 of them) was much sharper, not allowing but a single hit to the Rangers, and totally shutting us down. Pudge & Juan didn’t make the trip, although we should have been able to muster more than just a single hit! Yeesh.
Anyway, it was still nice to hear Eric & Vince broadcasting baseball again – but I don’t like the day games as much, because I have to listen at work, and can never pay as close attention to the games as I’d wish. Nice to hear some names being called like Blalock, Hafner, & Teixeira. Hopefully we hear a lot from these guys in the years to come.
Another one on the radio tomorrow, and then starts the frustration of having spring training games played, but not on the radio. :(
“…Ranger Baseball is on the air!”