G147: Rangers lose 7-2 game to Oakland

I didn’t see or hear any of this game – I was watching some other TV this evening – Whose Line is it Anyway, followed by the President, and then my wife watched Big Brother 2’s finale – by that point, I wasn’t interested in watching what was left of the game, and by the score, eh – I didn’t miss anything. :)
Looking at the boxscore, I see Raffy had another home run, and Mike Young went 3 for 4, in addition to Ruben Sierra going 2 for 4 with an RBI. Not particularly stellar offensive performance overall, but still was nice to see another HR by the Rangers. Pitching wise, two folks who have turned out to be busts gave up the runs – Darren Oliver & Mark Petkovsek. Mark gave up three in one inning (on a HR to Eric Chavez).
I’m going to the game Friday night against the Angels. Hopefully we win that.