G146: Rangers win second game back against A’s, 10-4

Game two back after the rather unscheduled break, and the Rangers big bats came out in a big way.
I didn’t see much of this, as I was at my bowling league, and was 10 lanes away from the closest TV, but what little I saw looked good. Doug Davis continued to look good early. I’m very confident in him now – moreso than some of our regulars (Helling/Rogers). Arod hit his 46th HR of the year, which I think puts him one behind Jim Thome, as well as Ernie Banks for the all time HR record by a shortstop.
I got home from bowling, and turned the latter part of the game on, and saw the two home runs by Pena & Haselman. Overall a good game to win – kept the A’s from clinching the Wild Card a little, although the Mariners officially clinched the West last night thanks to us. :)