G129: Rangers lose to Sox, 7-4 – I get bobblehead

Well, this was bobblehead night. I decided to attend this – figured I’d get one. I wanted the Nolan Ryan one, but the game started while I was in the air coming home from vacation. So I headed out early and got mine. I had bought a $5 ticket, but when I did, I was told the entire first 7 rows up in the $5 sections (341-345) were sold out. I wonder how many of those were people who came for the bobbleheads and left. Last time I checked, Pudge bobbleheads on Ebay were getting a few bucks. I’m keeping mine.
As for the game itself.. It was a really great game until the 8th inning. I’ve always said playing Boston brings out the best in both teams, and through 7, we had a great tight game. It was 4-3 Texas at that point, but then we blew it in the 8th giving up a grand slam to Trot Nixon. That pretty much sums it up. :)
Hideo Nomo was brilliant through 6 – not giving up much of anything. At one point, he had given up just two hits, both to Catalanotto. Aaron Myette didn’t look bad, either. Went 5.1 innings, giving up three earned runs. Michalak looked good with his pickoff move. Kolb on the other hand gave up the gopher ball which lost the game for us. Too bad, as he wasn’t awful, either.