G125: Rangers lose game for my birthday, 9-5

#@)(%*)@$%(‘ing Yankees!
Dammit! Today was my birthday. I’ve always had this tradition of going to a baseball game on my birthday (or as close to it as possible). Even though we were up against Roger Clemens, I thought we’d make a game out of it. And after the game started, I thought we were going to win it!
It was an awesome game up until the 8th inning. After that point it all fell apart. Rick Helling looked great – he gave up one home run ball, but then lost it after 5, and ended up giving up four runs. Danny Kolb came in, and was spectacular! He went 1.2 innings, with three strikeouts in a span of five batters. The usually good Juan Moreno came in and the Yankees lit him up bg time. A few home runs eliminated our lead, and we never recovered. The wind seemed to be gone. And to cap off the weirdness, Pat Mahomes came in and didn’t give up anything. Go figure!