G124: Two in a row against Toronto with 8-4 win

While Aaron Myette didn’t sparkle, it was nice to see the Rangers get a win.
Seemed to be the hit batter game, as there was a total of 5 players hit on both sides. None seemed intentional to me, but the press is making it out to be a beanball fest. There was also five home runs in this game, three for the Rangers. Raffy, Arod, & Mike Lamb hit home runs.
Wasn’t a terribly exciting game to watch (I kept flipping over to Astros/Pirates, which wasn’t much better as it was a blowout). However, the wife was out seeing a movie with a friend, so it was nice seeing some baseball by myself. Sorry, not much commentary from me, today’s yet another horribly busy day at work.
Also, we get Roger Clemens on Monday night (along with El Duque & Pedro Martinez) this coming week. Oh joy! :)