G121: Rangers lose AGAIN to White Sox, 7-5

Ugh – another loss. It’s really hard to continue to write daily about a team that loses so much, but as I’m a fan, and not actually getting paid for this, I can decide if I don’t want to write. However, I don’t want to be like Dallas Cowboy fans and care only when their team is winning, so I plow on – but it is hard to write about a team that loses so much. :)
I watched the start of this game, feeling that we’d have a good shot at winning – because Doug Davis, our most reliable pitcher lately was on the mound. IN the start of the game it went pretty good, but in typical Ranger fashion they wore us down, but it again didn’t feel like we got blown away, you’re watching the game and you go, “just when did we lose this game”? I stopped watching for awhile, and then tuned back in, and we had taken the lead, but gave it back up again. Methinks there will be major changes in the bullpen during the offseason.