G89: Rangers beat Rockies again, 10-2

I was at this game, and had an interesting time of it. My wife wasn’t feeling good, so I brought a friend of mine from work. He likes baseball, but had never been to a Rangers game at the Ballpark. He’d been at Arlington stadium, but in seven years, he’s never been to the Ballpark! :)
Anyway, this game was pretty much in the Rangers’ control all along – we had four home runs, two from my Rangers rookie of the year, Mike Young. Rick Helling had the Rockies pretty much in hand, allowing just one earned run over seven innings. Our team had an ERA of 2.00 for the entire game, which was great. Mike Hampton was shelled – which was a shock, I was expecting a 2-1 game. I didn’t get it, but I’ll certainly take the 10-2 victory. :)