G88: Rangers beat Colorado Rockies, 6-3

Was nice to start the post all-star part of the season with a win. I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in Kenny Rogers at the moment – he’s pitching like an old man. Sometimes, he’s brilliant, but most of the time he’s just pitching “old”. Tonight, however – he pitched pretty decently, going 7 innings, allowing only two earned runs – definitely a “quality start”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the norm for Kenny lately. I’m open to trading him, but I don’t know who would take him, quite honestly – same with Darren Oliver.
Arod was rather sloppy, comitting two of the three Ranger errors tonight. Looking good on the offensive side is Mike Young, who I think will be my Ranger player of the year – I’m really impressed with him this year. Speaking of that, Randy Velarde was activataed, and did not play, but basically has lost his starting job to Mike Young. I hope we keep Velarde around next year as a backup – he seems to be open to that from what I’ve read in the papers.
A home run from Pudge got things started, and a goofy play in the 8th also was in on the scoring (Kapler struck out, and a run scored on a ball that got away – I had never seen a run score on a strikeout before ).