G103: I witness Rangers loss to Rays, 7-3

The Rangers end up having a 6-1 homestand. Which game do I attend? That’s right – the 1. Figures.
Going into this game, I figured we’d either have a well pitched game, or a fiasco. That’s usually the case when you get two pretty young ptichers going at each other. And for awhile, that’s what we got. Aaron Myette looked really good, not totally dominating, mind you – but still an impressive performance. Tampa’s Nick Bierbrodt also pitched really well – so far looks like a great pickup for them.
We were losing, and going into the bottom of the ninth, we managed to pick up a couple of runs to tie it at 3 and send it into extra innings. However, Kevin Foster (who I doubt will be here next year) managed to completely blow the game – it all fell apart after he was covering first and came off the bag due to an errant throw. After that, we gave up some more runs for a total of 4 – it seemed to sap the life we got from tying the game in the bottom of the ninth. A wasted effort, but overall a pretty decently pitched game (except for Foster).
Ruben Sierra did have to go on the DL, and was replaced by Craig Munroe from AAA. His first game was tonight, but was pretty much a non factor, going 0-3, and not even having a defensive chance in right field.