G102: Rangers beat Rays 13-7 despite Ben Grieve grand slam

Ben Grieve had a grand slam – he only ever seems to hit well when he’s here – why not sign him up, and have him play right field? His lack of arm strength shouldn’t be that big of an issue there.
The sticks were out for us – that’s good, because Rob Bell had probably his weakest appearance as a Ranger, yet still won the game. Overall, it was a pretty sloppy contest, with Rob giving up 7ER in 7 innings, although Juan Moreno & Brandon Villafuerte nailed down the remaining two innings, not giving up anything.
Nice to see Mike Young with a triple, although it was NOT nice seeing Ruben Sierra have to come out of the game – that’s probably a trip to the DL for him, which I did NOT want to see at all.