G78: Rangers defeat Athletics, 9-6

This one started off early – two home runs in the first inning (Arod & Sierra), and we added another HR later in the game, one by Frank Catalanotto. However, the game was anything but an easy win. We got three in the bottom of the first, they got 3 in the top of the second. We scored in the 3rd, they scored in the fourth. It went on that way for a short while, leaving the game in a 6-5 lead for the A’s going into the bottom of the 7th.
In the seventh, we busted out for a four spot. We tied the game up on a Raffy single, scoring Pudge. After that, the A’s proceeded to allow the bases to get loaded, and then the most bizarre play I’ve seen in quite some time happened. Wild pitch by the Mike Magnante, allowing Raffy to score. However, the throw from the A’s catcher to Magnante at the plate bounced off Raffy’s foot into the Rangers’ dugout, allowing the other two runners to score. I have never seen three runs score on a wild pitch before – and I bet most of the people at the ballpark (including the players) had never seen that before, either. :)
A nice gift win. I’ll take it, of course.