G75: Rick Helling masterful on the way to 8-1, 10 inning win

Oh my – what a spectacular game! The 7 run margin of winning does not do justice to the type of game it was. It was 1-1 through 10 full innings – that was the kind of game it was!
Rick Helling was the first Ranger pitcher to go nine innings this season. He looked good, he looked sharp. However, we couldn’t get any offense for him – the game was tied 1-1 after the first inning, and it stayed that way until the 9th inning. It stayed that way until the 11th inning, when we finally broke it out.
There was some totally sparkling defense by the Rangers this game – including a great pitchout call by Pudge to get a runner at third – which probably prevented a run from scoring.
Then we go to extra innings. We bust out in a major way against the Angels bullpen, scoring 7 runs in the 11th inning. Usually when we go extra, I figure we’ll blow it, but this time we came through.
This was a great game to be a Rangers fan. :)