G71: Two wins in a row again with 2-1 one over Oakland

wo in a row for the second time this week! I’m getting spoiled! You’d think we were the Mariners or something. :)
When the game started – with a triple and a run scored early – I figured it would be another Rangers game. Boy, was I wrong. That was *ALL* the A’s got. The one run. From that point on, Doug Davis was masterful, going 7 innings and giving up just 7 hits and one run. It was as if we were an experienced team, playing well like we had done for a long time. If this game is any judge, things are looking good!
Tim Hudson was also brilliant, going the complete game for the loss. He allowed only 5 hits over nine innings, and two runs – however… In the third inning, he gave up three straight hits, allowing for our two runs. Other than those three batters, Hudson was brilliant – it’s just that our pitching staff didn’t make as many mistakes. We even overcame a Mike Lamb throwing error.
Overall, a totally spectacular game – and played in only 2:44, too! I could get used to this.