G66: Rangers lose great pitching duel, 2-1

That’s probably it for Ken Caminiti. In the midst of having a good series in a return home to Houston, Ken pulls his hammy rounding first, and was placed on the DL. I suspect that will be it for Ken. He’ll have to be activated to be released (can’t release a player on the DL), but I doubt he’ll play much more for us at all, and Ken’s comments in the press indicate he doesn’t want to be here, he seemed pissed off that we put him on the DL at all. Pudge also had to come out of the game with an injury, but it was just cramps, and he played again the next game.
The game itself was a great pitcher’s duel. It went 1-1 all the way through to the bottom of the 8th inning. Doug Davis pitched brilliantly, I thought – he deserved the win, we just couldn’t figure out their starter, either.
A loss, yes – but one of those losses you don’t mind. The game was great, and the play that won it was over and above the call of duty by the Astros.