G65: Ken Caminiti leads the Rangers to 12-9 thrash of Houston

A slugfest in Houston. This is about what I expected all the games against the Astros to be like.
The game was actually pretty tame until the fifth inning. Going into the fifth, we were down 5-3. Not a big surprise this year. However, we busted out in the 5th for four runs taking the lead 7-5. The four run inning was fueled by Catalanotto’s leadoff home run, as well as a couple of doubles by Gabe Kapler & Ken Caminiti. We did try to give the game away, by giving up three more runs in the bottom half of the fifth, and a couple more in the 6th and 7th. However, we managed to come back.
Cammy was the story of the night, going three for four with a couple of doubles, an RBI, a walk, etc… A OK game, but a great comeback. First time all year we’ve won after being behind in the 7th.