G54: Rangers win a well played game, 3-2

Coming to the game, I was thinking two things:

  1. The Indians had already lost today, so we could go ahead and win this game.
  2. This was going to be an awesome pitching performance, with Radke & Rogers on the hill.

I wasn’t disappointed. I was at the ballpark for this game, and it was awesome! In the first inning, Pudge jacked a home run off of Brad Radke, and I felt the game would go in our favor early. However, Radke turned it up a notch, not allowing virtually anything for quite some time after that. We gave up two unearned runs in the top half of the second, giving back the lead we quickly got. However, Radke walked two (a shocker) in the fifth, allowing an eventual sac fly to tie the game. It stayed at 2-2 into the 10th.
Radke & Rogers both battled, and stayed out there for quite awhile. However, our pitching was better in the pen. Juan Moreno came on, and was virtually perfect. He struck out four in a row over 2.1 innings, allowing nothing. Zim came in and pitched the rest of the 9th and the 10th, and allowed just one hit, but looked like ’99 Zim.
That set the stage for the hero of the game, El Caballo. In the bottom of the 10th, we worked the bases full, and Sierra stepped up, hit a deep ball to right field, and it wasn’t caught, allowing the winning run to score. It was a great feeling, winning late, winning after coming back and against the first place team’s best pitcher.
A great game, and I was glad I was there to see it!