G50: Rangers defeat Kansas City 8-2

It was nice to see Raffy get two home runs again – he looked much more like himself this game. The two home runs were typical Raffy home runs. Big, majestic, over the right field wall, and you could tell it immediately.
KC started Mac Suzuki, the pitcher who pitched in the Kingdome a couple of years ago for the Mariners and gave up 9 RBI to Pudge; I was hoping for a repeat, but Mac got tossed quickly. Oh well.
Interesting event; a power failure that caused about half the lights in the ballpark to go out, delaying the game for about half an hour. It looked funny on TV, I wonder what it was like there.
Overall a pretty damn good game, Rick Helling looks like he’s figured it out, now with three strong outings in a row.