G49: Rangers pitch past Orioles; win 6-3

Despite the 6-3 score, this was an extremely well pitched game. For the longest time, I thought we were going to get shut out by Josh Towers, making his major league debut. He got a bit of the Ryan Glynn problem (read: blister on his finger), and stayed in the game, but probably shouldn’t have, as he then gave up two solo home runs to Big Cat and Little Cat. That put us in the lead, which we promptly gave right back up. After 7, we were tied at 2, which usually means death.
However, for the first time this year, we came back and won when losing after 6 innings. We scored 4 in the top of the 8th, capped by a two run Gabe Kapler single to put us over the top.
J.D. Smart came in, allowed an inherited runner to score on a sac fly, but otherwise was damn near perfect. I picked him up on one of my fantasy teams a few days ago. :)
Well pitched ball game, despite the score. Hopefully we can do some damage to Kansas City before the Twins come in to town.