G48: Rangers drop another to Orioles, 3-1

Another loss, but this time out it wasn’t a disgusting one; although you could make a point that all losses are disgusting. :)
Ryan Glynn did his usual thing, pitching himself into trouble, however, this time, he managed to get out of them. The runs given up weren’t really a direct result of him getting in trouble I felt (one was unearned, too). Sure, he could have pitched well enough not to allow any, but hey, even the best have a problem with that. I felt that Glynn had a great outing, despite the loss, and hope that he could keep this going. Problem was that we didn’t give him any runs – we only scored a single one.
J.D. Smart pitched well again for the second straight game, and again I say he’s looking like a great callup so far.
One of those losses that isn’t too hard to swallow, it was an awesome baseball game, no matter what the outcome was.