G46: Rangers take series win with 9-3 game over Tampa Bay

Whoa! We won a series! That’s the first time that’s happened in 5 weeks. Granted, it’s against Tampa Bay, but at this point, I’ll take anything.
Finally, Rick Helling pitched a game that we held the lead, and a game that Rick didn’t give up a bazillion gopher balls (although he gave up one). I really wished he would have tried for the complete game – I know we didn’t have anyone get 8 innings this year, so that was a first, but I would have liked to have seen a complete game attempt. There was some stuff in the press about Rick discovering some mechanical flaw in his delivery, and fixing it. Hopefully that’s the case, because Rick isn’t a 2-6 pitcher. :(
Was the night of Arod again, with two home runs, and 5 RBI’s. That was essentially all we needed, but there was other offense. Pudge looked good, Caminiti looked good.
However, the injury bug bites us again, with Randy Velarde taking a hit. Hopefully it’s not too bad, I don’t want to have to deal with another DL situation. :(
We’re going to Baltimore, hopefully we can do well there. Our home run streak continued, though – 17 games in a row now.