G45: Rangers lose 10-6; 16 games in a row with HR

(I’m not going to be writing much about this game, as it was a casualty of me being out of touch for awhile due to a business trip).
I didn’t think we’d get to three. Actually, I watched very little of this game, about the first hour, because I was busy watching the series finale of Star Trek: Voyager last night (which I enjoyed).
When I turned off the Ranger game, we were winning 5-2, which looked good for me. However, it wasn’t good for the Rangers, as they then gave up 8 more runs after I stopped watching. Good thing I did, or I would have been more annoyed.
We have a chance on Thu night to actually take a series, and if we don’t take a series against the Rays, then we deserve the crappy record we have.
Our home run streak continued, though – 16 games in a row now.