G44: Rangers win two in a row, this one 5-2 over Rays

(I’m not going to be writing much about this game, as it was a casualty of me being out of touch for awhile due to a business trip).
Two in a row! I think I’m gonna faint. :)
Kenny Rogers looked crisp, one of his better performances this season – going 6, giving up nothing. Venafro gave up the only two runs of the game, one was unearned. Overall a pretty good game, although it’s against Tampa Bay, the team we’re competing with for worst record in the AL. :(
Gabe Kapler had a solo home run, our 15th game in a row with a home run, setting a new club record. The record is 25 games, held by the 41 Yankees, the 94 Tigers, & the 98 Braves.