G43: Rangers finally win, 3-2 against Toronto

(I’m not going to be writing much about this game, as it was a casualty of me being out of touch for awhile due to a business trip).
Whoa! A win! And with a 3-2 score, no less. Usually we lose these, or when we win, we score 12 or 13 runs. It did keep us from getting swept, which we don’t do a lot, but we usually lose 2 out of 3. Our last series sweep was in mid April against the A’s.
Pat Mahomes started, which I thought was overdue, and got the win. He went 5 innings, giving up two runs. Our pen (including Juan Moreno) went the other four innings, giving up nothing, and getting Zimmerman a save in his new role as closer (Crabby was demoted to setup).