G36: Rangers break out in a big way, beat Chicago 16-6

Well, this was the kind of game we were supposed to get. Tons of runs, enough to clobber the other team to death. We scored 16, and gave up 6. Seems what we should be doing here, although these kinds of games are few and far between.
Arod had two home runs, his 200th and 201st of his career. He’s got 200 at age 25. Assuming he hits like this, he’ll have 400 at 32, and 600 at 39. That’s assuming he keeps up his current pace. :) Arod also had 6 RBI’s in this game – Kapler & Catalonotto also had 3, and the others were scattered around the club.
Aaron Myette got the start, and looked good in the first, but was knocked out in the second. We’ve had pitchers stay in longer giving up more runs, I guess Narron wanted him out before too many scored and killed his mind too much. Pat Mahomes probably pitched himself into the starting rotation with this performance, going 4.1 innings and giving up nothing.