G30: Rangers drop game to Chisox, 10-5

Well, I was hoping that the Rangers could build from last night’s spectacular game. Then Kenny Rogers pitched the first inning, facing eight batters, giving up a bunch of hits, but fortunately only two runs. Then he proceeded to have 4 or 5 perfect innings, and I thought we had picked it up.
However, we got to our usual nemesis – late innings. In the 7th, it all fell apart. We were up 4-3, and then gave up four. At that point, we were down three. Disappointing, but not insurmountable. Then Arod hit a solo HR in the 8th, putting us within two. Then Pat Mahomes blew it in the 9th – throwing almost 40 pitches, and giving up another 3.
This game really annoyed me, because we pitched like we were going to take it in style for the bulk of the game, and then it all got away at the end – I was so annoyed, that I stopped scoring the game in the top of the 9th.
Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy! There were total of 6 errors in the game, 3 by each side – including one play where we had two at once! Can’t win like that.