G29: Rangers win Jerry Narron’s official debut, 2-0

OK, it’s the fifth day of the fifth month. Jerry Narron has 5 kids. There were five hits by the opponent this game. Hmmm…
Goofy number plays aside, this was a spectacular game. I have to say, driving out to the game, it was raining the whole way. I didn’t think we’d be playing this game, either (see last night). However, once we got to the ballpark, it stopped raining. Sat in our seats, and my wife and I noticed that it started clearing up. It was like the heavens parted to get the game in – perhaps it had something to do with the fives above! :)
What more can you say about this game except Ryan Glynn. Driving out, I felt we’d lose, but I have to say, he blew everyone away, players and fans alike. Ryan was VERY strong, pitching 8 innings, giving up only three hits, with no walks, and not allowing anyone to get to second base the whole game! I felt that Ryan should have been given a chance to go out in the ninth and get a complete game shutout – I suppose if we had more than 3 runs, he probably would have gotten that chance.
Be curious to see if Ryan can follow this up next time on the hill.
Also, during the game, there was a very cool message on the scoreboard from Johnny & Gloria Oates. What a class guy – I will miss him. Johnny has meant a lot of me personally (growing up as a kid, he was the catcher in Philadelphia for a couple of years). I agree it was time for a change, but I’ll miss him. I hope he turns up somewhere.