G26: Zimmerman blows game late; we lose to Tigers, 6-3

AH CRAP! – I had just got done telling my wife that Zimmerman looks like he’s back to his early 99 form when he goes and gives up a three run home run to lose the game in the 10th. The Mavericks game was more exciting than this! The Tigers are a team we are supposed to beat up on. This is NOT good.
I was going to go to this game originally – today was the 10th anniversary of Nolan Ryan’s 7th no hitter, and he threw out the first ball. I almost went. Glad I didn’t – I would have been irritated.
We don’t seem to be able to hold any kind of lead – although our bullpen doesn’t seem THAT bad. I don’t understand it, honestly.
Arod should have done enough, with two home runs – but we let them back in the game, and then Zimmerman (who has been pitching great otherwise) gave up a three run jack in the 10th to lose it.
Frustrating! I’m not watching tomorrow night, but only because my hometown Phillies are on ESPN2, I’ll watch that game instead, I only ever get to see less than 6 games a year with the Phils. :)