G9: Benji Gil does in Rangers, 7-2

Well, of the three games against the Angels, this is the one I figured we’d lose, because of Ramon Ortiz. Never in my dreams would I also expect us to get beat by Benji Gil! Man, Benji Gil was on fire against us – I doubt it was because of us, but he certainly seemed like a far better shortstop than at any time he played with us. It was even interesting to hear Bill & Tom almost fawning over him.
Not a whole lot to talk about in this one – the main story was Ramon Ortiz shutting us down for 7.2 innings – he ran out of gas at the end, and gave up a couple of runs, but was outstanding in his pitching. I went to look for him on my fantasy leagues, and of course, he was taken on 3 of 4 – I nabbed him for another one, dropping Doug Davis from that team.
Anyway, Randy Velarde continues his early season onslaught, getting a double and an RBI – he’s been a spectacular pickup for us – surprised me, that’s for sure. Speaking of pickups, I’m rather glad we have Caminiti, even though he’s not batting all that great so far – his defense at third is a major upgrade over Lamb or Tatis.
Hopefully, we’ll do better tomorrow.