G8: Rangers beat Angels, 7-5

Well, here starts the chain of games that keep you up past midnight. I was watching on my TiVo, so it made it a little better, as I didn’t start watching the game until 9:45, but when you can take the commercials out, it goes faster. :)
Darren Oliver has already won as many games as he did last year on his second start of the season. That’s great and sad at the same time. However, he again pitched like he didn’t really want it – being wild all over the place, not being terribly consistent – but showing just enough to get the job done. Makes me wonder if he pitched against someone good like the Yankees or the Indians – he’d be 0-2 instead of 2-0.
Tim Crabtree really tried to give the game back to Anaheim, it seemed. His first pitch hit a batter, and the next pitch was a double, scoring the guy he hit. However, he got it together, and the game finished with a 7-5 for the home eleven.
A Rod got booed pretty loudly when he came up to bat – I’m not terribly sure why. I can certainly understand him being booed in Seattle, or in one of the other cities where he had talked to about signing, but it kind of surprises me about him being booed all over the place. I wonder if he’ll get booed in Minnesota, too? Ruben Mateo looked good, getting three RBI’s on a base clearing double, finally coming through with the bases loaded.
Mark Petkovsek pitched well again, proving probably that his first two outings were an aberration. Overall a good game, if a bit wild with Oliver on the hill. Still, a win is a win. :)