G7: We take finale against Mariners, 5-4

What an incredible series of baseball. Sure, we lost two of three, but there was some damn great games here. None was a blowout, all were tight to the final out – and with 17 more against the Mariners, this bodes well for a good season of baseball!
I wasn’t too thrilled with the game after the first 4 or 5, when we had left 9 on base. I forget offhand how many we left on base altogether, but we made the game a lot harder on ourselves than we had to by leaving so many men on base.
It was a tight game again, with Kenny Rogers rolling along, his only blips were two solo jacks given up – otherwise, he looked good (if not awesome, he didn’t seem that crisp to me, but he got the job done). He was pulled for a situational pitching match up in the 7th, one I didn’t agree with either (Kenny looked miffed on TV). Zimmerman got out of that inning, however in the next inning, the Mariners scored two runs on a pinch hit two run home run by Mark McLemore!?!?! – Where was this power when he was with us – two home runs for Mac in two games? Guess that’s what happens when you lose your starting job. :)
Anyway, at this point, Randy Velarde had already been brought in as defensive backup earlier in the inning, and he provided the win – with a home run to take the lead and the game. Tim Crabtree got his second save in as many chances in the 9th. A great win, a great series of baseball!
We’re off tomorrow, and then we’re off on a 9 game west coast swing against our three division opponents.