G6: Rangers lose to M’s again, 6-5

Another really damn exciting game – that’s two in a row. I wonder what Sunday afternoon will bring?
Both starting pitchers in this game (Doug Davis & Brett Tomko) seemed to suffer the same problem. They pitched well the first three innings, but melted down in the fourth. Actually, Doug didn’t leave till the fifth, but gave up a run in the fourth, and several in the 5th. Tomko got knocked out in the fourth after a two run jack by Andres Galarraga, and a massive home run by Ken Caminiti – it was one of those blasts that you don’t even doubt. Even before the camera had switched from Cammy to the right field porch, I knew it was gone. My wife, who was elsewhere in the house, heard me get excited about that, and came in to watch. Fortunately, with TiVo, I can back it up, and watch it again – I don’t have to wait for their replay, I can make my own. :)
Anyway, at this point, we just cruised for the rest of the game, going into the 9th only down one run. Things were feeling pretty good actually, until the 9th – when Tim Crabtree (getting an inning of work) gave up two runs, putting us down three. This gave us the unfortunate circumstance of going up against Kaz Sasaki down three, which is almost as bad as going up against Mariano Rivera down three.
Anyway, we actually managed to pull off two, in a very exciting fashion, capped off by a two run double by A-Rod. That was A-Rod’s third double of the night, breaking out of his “slump”. :)
Petkovsek pitched well, throwing 2.1 innings of scoreless relief. Combined with his two other fiasco appearances, that LOWERS his ERA to 12.6. This is what we signed him for, I know the first two appeareances were abberations, but still – 12.6? Jeff Brantley also threw a scoreless frame.
Another loss to Seattle, but damn – another great game!