G4: Rangers drop finale to Angels, 10-3

Well, this one wasn’t as good as the two before it. It was more like opening day.
It struck me as one of those games where we didn’t particularly pitch bad, but the hits that the other team got really counted. Ryan Glynn, while down only 3-2 when he left, was pitching fairly well. For the second night in a row, a Ranger pitcher was hit by a batted ball. Glynn came out immediately, and while nothing is broken, you never like to see a pitcher hit by a ball – whenever it happens I think of Bryce Florie. Jeff Brantley came in to relieve Glynn, and caught the Jeff Zimmerman disease – giving up a home run on the first pitch of relief. That made it 6-2, and it just went further downhill from there. Can’t win ’em all, but you never like to see losses. :)
The best thing of this game was Randy Velarde, who has proven to be a great pickup for us. He had a home run this game, as well as a double, and great defense. Also, Chad Curtis has played extremely well in center field. Makes me wonder what we’ll do when Ledee & Kapler come back – my guess is Porter goes back to AAA, and Curtis becomes outfielder #4.