G2: Rangers beat Angels 3-2

For the first time in a couple of years, I did not attend opening day. When tickets went on sale, the only ones that were available were mostly crap seats anyway, and since I’m going two other times during opening week, I decided to blow it off this year. I’m still happy with that, as I avoided a lot of crowds, but I did miss it.
I listened at work, and I have to say, this was the most into it I was listening at work for awhile. So much so that when the Rangers turned that double play in the bottom of the ninth, I jumped out of my chair screaming with my fists in the air! Fortunately, I have my own office, so no one saw that. :)
Our eight hits were pretty evenly spread – the only ofers were Rusty and Raffy. Pudge, Cat, & Curtis scored our three runs. Not a whole lot of offense here, but there was just enough to win – because our pitching was pretty damn good. Kenny Rogers went 7+ innings, giving up just two earned runs. Zim came in and was in 99 form, shutting down the threat in the 8th, giving up donut.
And Tim Crabtree. He took Wetteland’s number, he also took his “give them a heart attack before getting the job done” mentality. :) The defense really bailed him out in the 9th – it was a cool inning. Glad he got the save.
My first game of the season is Wed night. Can’t wait!